Het Kersjes Fonds
'Het Kersjes Fonds' is one of the biggest private incentive foundations in The Netherlands. They support the Dutch classical and chamber music scene by granting prizes and funds to talented musicians and exceptional projects. The assignment was to restyle their former visual identity to a more contemporary, vivid and striking look. A lot of attention goes out to the legacy, personality and quotes from Anton Kersjes himself – the original founder of the foundation – to make sure his spirit remains in the identity after he passed away several years ago. The identity is based on an adapted font, which is used for the logo, quotes and headlines. Colour can be used flexible to adapt the typography to the function and right tone of voice of the intended media. The dots are the remains of their former identity, when they were still cherries (translated 'Kersjes' means cherries). Now they act in a more abstract way as 'notes' within the text.
Made in a designteam at Thonik

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