In Beeld en Geluid
Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid
Beeld en Geluid is one of the biggest audiovisual archives in Europe, located in Hilversum – The Netherlands. Their collection contains about 800.000 hours of radio, television, film and music. With their new website 'In Beeld en Geluid' they will offer professionals and the general public access to all the public files they own. The website will exist in addition to their normal website.

In the design the main focus lies on the visual aspect of their collection. Channels with specific themes are offered to allow people to scan through the archives in a rather uncomplicated way. On the top of the homepage three main themes will be published with relevant or present-day topics. To emphasize the visual aspect even more, a 'peek function' was introduced. It basically functions as a 'load more' button, only now in a visual way where partially hidden content will be revealed.
Made at interactive design agency Grrr

Left: Bottom of the homepage displaying channels with specific themes or subjects
Right: Collection of a specific channel

Left: Search field with sort functions
Right: Detail page with a popup of a specific item

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