Welcome to the strange, mysterious and dreamlike world of Riverdistrict. That is basically what this website is trying to reflect. Riverdistrict is a Dutch rock/pop band that plays true alt.pop with dashes of surf, alternative rock and indie folk. Their sound can be described as highly atmospheric. All the fascinations, backgrounds, shared interests and sources of inspiration of the band members were put together in a melting pot and are now collected and rearranged on this isometric based website.  The website functions as a portal that directs the visitor to various (social) media- and music platforms like Facebook, Bandcamp and Spotify. Besides that a short overview of their upcoming gigs and a downloadable press-kit are integrated. If you are curious enough to discover the ’Easter egg’ the fun is not over yet, as you can float down even further into the dreamlike world of Riverdistrict (visible on laptop and desktop version).

Awarded: European Design Awards 2015 (bronze in the category ‘Promotional Site’)
Website developed by Timo Klok
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